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Recommended resources for English Teaching 0

Recommended resources for English Teaching

Common Core Curriculum English, The Wheatley Portfolio, Grades 9 – 12 2nd Edition. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2014.  Print. Bauer, Susan Wise.  The Well Educated Mind.  New York, W.W. Norton, 2003. Gallagher, Kelly.  Teaching Adolescent Writers. ...


Lord Byron, Don Juan

Objectives Read “Introduction to the British Romantic Poets” by Julie Lane and discuss the Lord Byron discussion items with your teacher.

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Recent links   An Animated Introduction to Epicurus and His Answer to the Ancient Question: What Makes Us Happy?  


Rococco Period – Learning Objectives

Learn the major characteristics of the Rococco style in interior decorating, sculpture and painting. Learn about Jean Honore Fragonard and recognize his most famous works Learn about Watteau and recognize his most famous works...


Spanish Baroque Learning Objectives

The objective is to learn about Velazquez.  I don’t really like his most famous work, and I don’t really like this other works, but what do you think?   What makes this painting Baroque? Resources...