Category: Postwar Literature

Literature from 1945 – 1970.


Sylvia Plath and Morning Song

My Key to Plath:  Choice Diction In the poem Morning Song, Sylvia Plath chooses words for their metaphoric imagery and sound qualities to describe the feelings of a new mother and universally the feelings...


Hilda Doolittle – Midday Sun

The light beats upon me. I am startled– a split leaf crackles on the paved floor– I am anguished–defeated. A slight wind shakes the seed-pods– my thoughts are spent as the black seeds. My...


Imagery and Hilda Doolittle

My Key to HD:  Imagery Hilda Doolittle, publishing as H.D., was famously known as a poet of the “imagist movement” – an early 20th century literary movement championed by Ezra Pound and Amy Lowell...